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  • Healthy Indoor Activities for Families

    Healthy Indoor Activities for Families

    Running out of ideas for indoor fun? In an effort to avoid making video binges, snacks and blanket forts a lifestyle, we searched through the internet and came up with some great ways to keep your family busy, happy and healthy during this stay-at-home time. Bonus: it’s all free!

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  • 6 At-Home Hygiene Tips on How to keep your mouth Healthy

    At-Home Hygiene to Keep Your Mouth Healthy!

    There’s no substitute for regular dental check-ups and cleanings. But when you can’t immediately visit your dentist, it’s a good idea to step up your at-home hygiene routine. Here’s how:

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  • Four Ways to Protect Yourself from The Coronavirus

    Corona Virus (COVID-19) exposure is a risk everyone should take precautions to avoid, whether it means reducing the amout of time you spend in crowded places or carrying extra hand sanitizer in with you as you go about your day. Keeping yourslef and your loved ones healthy is paramout.

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  • Fad Diets and your Dental Health

    How fad diets can affect your dental health. Most of us want a little instant gratification when we diet. But a lose-weight-fast diet that can damage our health … and our smiles.

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  • Five Junk Food Alternatives

    Salt + sugar = yummy (and happy)! We humans are literally hard-wired to crave these tastes. They spark changes in our brain chemistry that make us feel really happy. There is even a phrase to describe our feelings about junk food – it’s called the bliss point, which is achieved when something is amazingly tasty but totally unsatisfying. So, the more you eat, the more you want.

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  • How to Get Dental Coverage If You’re Self-Employed?

    One of the biggest challenges for anyone who is self-employed or freelances is figuring out how to handle healthcare expenses. There are no benefits packages when you are your own boss and finding affordable options can be difficult when you’re not part of a group plan.

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  • Protect Your Teeth From Winter Weather

    So how can you protect your teeth from the cold? Generally, you don’t have to do anything special– just wrap that scarf around your mouth when you’re out and about.

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  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

    The holiday sales have become more of an extreme competitive event than a shopping trip. Some people thrive on the crowds, noise and all those low, low prices. Others can’t understand why anyone would subject themselves to that madness and happily do all their shopping online. Whatever your feelings about the biggest shopping days of the year might be, we have some tips that will get you through the crazy.

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  • Teaching Kids About Dental Health – Resources for Teachers (and Parents!)

    The best way to get kids excited about boring stuff like brushing their teeth is to encourage them to discover the benefits of oral hygiene with activities like simple science experiments (not on their own teeth, of course!) 

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  • DentalPlans Halloween Playlist

    In real life, dentists are lovely, talented people who work hard to keep us healthy and smiling. But in the movies, dentists tend to be super-scary weirdos.

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