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As a leading online marketplace for affordable alternatives to traditional dental insurance, is dedicated to improving oral health nationwide by making quality dental care affordable and accessible to everyone. Our press center contains information on dental savings plans, the importance of oral health to a person's overall health and wellbeing, our proprietary consumer healthcare research, and an overview of our company, vision and mission.

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  • Defend Against the Top Eight Summer Smile Threats

    The long, sunny days of Summer bring big fun, but some of the most popular seasonal activities can also damage some of the healthiest smiles. As Memorial Day approaches, marking the unofficial start of Summer, provides the top eight threats to dental health, and tips to help keep smiles bright and healthy. Read More
  • Debunks Top 10 Harmful Dental Myths

    It was once popular belief that “evil tooth worms” caused cavities and a toothache could be cured by spitting into an anthill. Although it may seem humorous, some modern-day dental myths are just as silly. And while believing in the tooth fairy (or the tooth rat) likely will not cause harm, there is plenty of misinformation masquerading as fact that can seriously damage one’s dental health. Here are the top ten dental myths, from, that can ruin a perfectly good smile. Read More